Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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A direct english translation of ‘Feng shui’ would mean ‘wind’ and ‘water’. It is the art of studying a natural environment since ancient chinese times. It is about making a particular environment ideal and desirable to oneself. This environment can be anywhere you are at. Some examples of basic fengshui includes Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, East/West Compass Directions, the Solar System (Ba Zi Analysis based of your birth) and the natural environmental elements impacting your life.

Upon scheduling a time with one of our Masters, he will either visit your targeted location or invite you to his office for a private consultation session (varies on the service). He will then analyse your issue and make calculations from the information provided. A detailed analysis is then made based of various fengshui systems. Suggested remedies will be provided where necessary in order to balance the energy, helping to improve the particular situation. Please note this is a case by case basis.

No. Fengshui do not limited to any religion or belief system. Fengshui is the analysis of energy based on conventional science. However, some of our Masters do conduct certain religious events on the side. These events are also welcome to all in participating to learn or understand certain rituals.

You should consult a Fengshui Master when you feel stuck in a particular situation or when you feel you need someone to consult about your issues. Feng Shui can help reduce your stress, improve your balance in life and provide support for your health and well-being. Major life transitions such as a renovation, marriage, newborn child or moving to a new location for personal or business purposes, are perfect occasions to consult your fengshui master. These major events are perfect times to start afresh and attract good energy and welcome new opportunities.

The answer will vary across individuals and cases. In normal cases, a simple consultation can produce positive results for your immediate situation. However, since everyone’s life is different, feel free to consult at your own comfort if you think another consultation is needed. Master Tay recommend you to get your feng shui “rechecked” every once a while, especially when you plan to make important life decisions or changes.

A typical fengshui consultation would last about 1-2 hours. However, this varies on a case by case situation. For spatial fengshui, it would depends on the size of the space or the amount of queries about the particular situation. Different services will require different amount of time too. Please seek our Masters for advice on this, upon your interest of service.

No. Feng shui do not only apply to specific spaces. The analysis of energy can be applied to various things across cities, states or country.

Feng Shui can help improve various situations but does not guarantee you instant wealth. The idea of fengshui is to balance the energies around you, creating a harmonious environment. This balanced environment will eventually improve your health, clarity of your soul and mind. Through enhancing positive energy, it will aid you to deal with a lot of things in life which includes your wealth. Good Feng Shui does not bring you instant wealth but would aid you to achieving your ideal goals.

Yes, we do have overseas or online consultation services to meet your needs. Some of our Masters have visited their clients abroad for fengshui consultations before and are also contactable via Whatsapp or Skype for online analysis.